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Beth Tikvah’s Shishim Group Visits the Noor Islamic Center
Sixty-five members of Shishim - the senior group from Congregation Beth Tikvah - enjoyed their visit to the Noor Islamic Cultural Center on January 9, 2014.
Congregation Beth Tikvah is a synagogue in Worthington. Shishim (which is Hebrew for 60) is a group of senior congregants and their friends who gather monthly to deepen their connection with one another and their community.
Nicol Ghazi spoke about the fundamentals of the Islamic faith and the Moslem community. Following the talk, volunteers took the group on a tour of the mosque. The program concluded with a traditional festive lunch that was provided by the Noor Islamic Cultural Center.
“It was such an interesting experience learning about Islam,” said Shishim member Joyce Sabgir. “The talk dispelled many of the myths about Islam and provided me with a much better understanding of the Moslem community.”
“All of us appreciated the hospitality that the folks at the Noor Center showed us,” said Lois Winnick-Chapman, “it was very gracious of them to provide us with such a wonderful lunch.”
NICC at Dublin Special Olympics Run

Noor Sports Department had sponsored Walkers/Runners on 4/5/14  for the Dublin Special Olympics 5K to support the special athletes in our community. 

Race details:
Event Date: April 5th, 2014 @ 8:30 AM
Event Location: Glacier Ridge Metro Park
Lecture on "The Foundation for a Happy Muslim Family"
Noor Islamic Cultural Center and Masjid AbuBakr, co-sponsored a lecture and fund raiser event on Saturday, April 26th, 2014, between Maghrib and Isha at NICC. The fundraiser was to benefit the project completion of Masjid AbuBakr.
The guest speaker for the event was Sh. Shaker El Sayed -- the Imam of Darul Hijrah Mosque in Falls Church, Virginia. Sh El Sayed, is a well-known Islamic leader/thinker who has served in a number of Islamic organizations. Among them are ISNA and MAS, as Director of Education and Secretary General respectively. The topic of his presentation was -- The Foundation for a Happy Muslim Family
About 300 members of both -- NICC and Masjid Abubakr’s communities attended this event and benefitted. The leadership of both Masajid are cordially thankful to all the volunteers who made this collaboration a successful event for our communities.

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