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Global Orphan Support Program
Global Orphan Support Program - Comedy for a worthwhile cause
Event was sponsored by
Guest Speaker : Monzer Abu Aymen
Friday, May 9th, 2014
Noor Islamic Cultural Center
A special evening featuring Entertainment Comedy of the famous Muslim Comedians Azhar Usma and Preacher Moss
Noor Academy Sunday School Graduation - 2014

Noor Academy Sunday School Graduation was held on June 1st, 2014, appx. 300 parents attended the ceremony.

Strawberry Picking
It's strawberry season! and nothing feels
better than picking your own fresh strawberries
NICC Social Dept. organized masjid families on a bus trip to pick strawberries and have some fun at the farm on Sunday June 15, 2014, 8:00am. They started the day by breakfast at the masjid and a short talk.
Cost was $10 per person, includes breakfast, transportation, hayride, petting zoo, free dessert and fruits at the farm
Kids under 5 were free
NICC 9th Annual Ramadan Community Competition - July 12, 2014
NICC presents Central Ohio’s 9th Annual Ramadan Community Competition
Alhamdulillah, with the blessings from Allah (swt) and through the continuous support of our community and passionate sponsors and leadership we were able to successfully complete NICC’s 9th Annual Ramadan Community Competition of Central Ohio, on July 12, 2014. The event was a huge success as we surpassed a 300 mark participation point this year. The selflessness and dedication of our event judges (Sr Sara Alauddin, Sr Jennifer Wisel, Sheikh Hussam Musa, Sheikh Bashir Bashir, Dr. Mounir Sanhaji, Br Farouki Majeed) and volunteer support (Sr Ahila Wisel, Sr Jeffrin Wisel, Sr Bayan Shalash, Sr Ghazala, Sr Siraj Jabeer, Sr Taslima Rashid, Dr. Adil Katabay, Hussnain Malik and Atifa Malik) that made the delivery of this value add a possibility, Alhamdulillah. The event also endorses the joint partnership and sponsorship support between the Religious and the Outreach departments of NICC.
Following are the winners of each respective groups and events. The certificate of participation for all contestants who registered via online process will be available in Sr Asmaa Mostafa’s office and should be picked before July 31st, 2014. Please follow up at if your certificate is not on file. 
Pictures by Br. Nadeem Zaki
EVENT 1 Recitation with Presentation Winners of KINDLE FIRE HD
GROUP 1 Age (5-7); Al-Masad Arsh Faisal, Bashir Ward, Ishaq Uddin
GROUP 2 Age (8-10); Al-Qadr Iman Sattar, Fatimah Faiz, Maazin Shamim
GROUP 3 Age (11-13);  Ad-Duha Zainab Khan, Salvia Zaffar, Durya Nadeem
GROUP 4 Age (14 to 17); Al-A'la Khalil Zaffar, Minhaj Jabeer, Zain Siddique
EVENT 2 Tajweed with Memorization Winners ($50 cash prize each)
GROUP 1 JUZZ 30 Tawfik Mohammed, Laiba Imail, Taseen Ismail
GROUP 2 JUZZ 30 and 29 Esa Gul, Mohamed Diallo, Faizah Wulandana
GROUP 3 JUZZ 30, 29 and 28 Yasin Katabay, Bilal Katabay, Adil Peerbhoy
EVENT 3 Islamic Quiz Winners (1st = $100, 2nd = $75, 3rd = $50)
GROUP 1 Age (8 to 12) (1) Laiba Ismail, (2) Iman Sattar, (3) Esa Gul
GROUP 2 Age (13 to 18) (1) Amraha Nadeem, (2) Faizah Wulandana, (3) Minhaj Jabeer
GROUP 3 Adults (18+) (1) Sabir Ahmed, (2) Ghousiya Nadeem, (3) Erum Gill


Noor Eid Al-Fitr Festival - 2014

Noor Eid Al-Fitr Festival - 2014, July 29, 2014; 3:00pm to 9:00pm

Interfaith Event - Can War be Holy?
The NICC’s Outreach Department in collaboration with Temple Israel and Trinity Episcopal, hosted an engaging interfaith event on Saturday 1/17/15 at NICC with guest scholar Rabbi Ruevene Firestone. The event was a huge success and surpassed the projected attendance. The event also lasted longer than the scheduled time as the discussions were engaging and interfaith dialogue kept the curiosity inspired and growing.
We look forward to many more such occasions to be in company of the interfaith family of Central Ohio and beyond and build this community stronger, together. The NICC leadership team also extends its gratitude to our collaborating partners Rabbi Misha Zinkow (Temple Israel) and Rev. Richard Burnett (Trinity Episcopal) that made this event a possibility. 
In addition, the NICC leadership team would like to send cordial ‘Thank You’, to all our guests who attended this event and our volunteers that worked behind the scene to make this event a true success. We are thankful to Nicol Ghazi, Furqan Rehman, Khurram Bhutta and Nina Shameem for their selfless support and assistance with hosting this event.
The Outreach Department is always looking for volunteers. Please write to if you would like to volunteer and be part of Outreach and Interfaith events and activities at NICC.


National Interfaith Conference -- DIVINITY and DIVERSITY: Building our community together (Feb 19-21, 2015) at NICC
Noor Islamic Cultural Center (NICC) in collaboration and partnership with Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), National Interfaith Campaign—Shoulder to Shoulder (S2S) and Safe Alliances of Interfaith Leaders (SAIL), hosted the first National Interfaith Conference at NICC on February 19th through 21st, 2015. The conference became a reality, after almost a year and half of planning work and embarks the synchronized momentum for more collaborative efforts at local and regional levels for building safe and cohesive communities together. The conference was attended by 300 plus guests. Programs included seminars, panel discussions, workshops, keynotes (Interfaith Instructor: Sean Rose—Face to Faith; Joseph DeMott -- ASPEN Institute; Filmmaker: David Washburn -- An American Mosque) and opportunity for open ended interfaith dialogue with local and regional interfaith leaders.
Part of the conference highlight also included a leadership banquette sponsored by Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) on Thursday February 19th, 2015 at the Hilliard MaKoy Center.  The purpose of the banquette was to celebrate diversity and recognize the efforts of the community building work that has been shouldered by NICC and SAIL teams. Reverend Dr. Stephen Smith (Rector of Saint Patrick’s Church in Dublin and current President of SAIL) and Imran Malik (Chairman of NICC-BoD and current vice-President of SAIL) received the community service award from ISNA at this leadership banquette.
The NICC leadership team congratulates all our collaborating partners and selfless team of leaders and volunteers that spearheaded such a large undertaking of hosting this successful National Interfaith Conference. Although, this conference was first of its kind it has surely opened up more doors for future collaborating efforts both at local and regional stages. It’s an effort that is needed a lot more now than ever! We are thankful to all the leaders and volunteers who all deserve a round of applause. May Allah (swt) bless them all and their families always. Their passion and dedication is refreshing and an assurance for a prosperous future via togetherness!
Noor Islamic Cultural Center (NICC): Imran Malik, Lila Al-Sibai, Nicol Ghazi, Atifa Malik, Sumaya Hamadmad, Arfan Ali, Muzzammil Ahmed, Hussnain Malik, Adam Katabay, Dr. Ishaq El-Qutub, Ibrahim Harith, Nina Shameem, Ajmal Shameem, Sumaya Hamadmad, Ghousiya Nadeem, Amraha Nadeem, Omar Saqr, Durya Nadeem, Afnan Rehman, Anam Shuja, Champa Fernando, Roofi Ahmed, Mohsin Syed, Sana Roofi, Areeb Narvel, Safia Narvel, Homdi Solimon, Mourad, Mohammed, Noorgul Dada, Faris Rehman, Ahmed Salman, Mohammed Nadeem, Aftab Syed, Ammar Khawan, Imam Hussam Musa, Husam Ward, Jamal Mansoor, Ashraf Sharief, Nada Naiyer, Jennifer Wisel, Farouqi Majeed, Dr. Adil Katabay, Asmaa Mostafa, Arifeen Mohammed, Dr. Hany Saqr, Amina Burhumi and All the kids of Noor Kids club who performed the Nasheed.
Safe Alliance of Interfaith Leaders (SAIL): Rev. Stephen Smith, Imran Malik, Karen Patterson, Barbara Anderson, Rev. Rob Tussing, Phil Washburn, Dolly Crespo, Malik Moore, David Binkovitz, Lois Chapman, Neil Gieser, Gul Kunkur, Tasneem Khalid, Dr. JS Jindal, Laura Leach, Pam Nickerson, Rev. Deborah Lindsay, Rabbi Rick Kellner, Phil Washburn,
Hilliard School District: Dr. John Masrchhausen, Janet Manseur Durr
Destination Hilliard: Christy Clark
Community Relation Council: Abdikhair Soofe, Guadalupe Velasquez
Sunrise Academy: Eugene Greenfield, Mairvat Mrayan and all the kids who performed the Nasheed
Interfaith Association of Centeral Ohio (IACO): Dr. Tarunjit Butalia, Dr. Christina Butler, Rabbi Micahel Unger, Rev. Tim Ahrens, Lama Kathy Wesely, Cantor Jack Chomsky
Islamic Society of North America (ISNA): Ahmed El-Hattab, Ali Jalil Khan, Hazem Bata, Fahad
Shoulder-to-Shoulder: Catherine Osborne, Kathaleen Longmuir
Hilliard Ray Patch, YMCA: Malik Moore, Dolly Crespo
Guests and Panelists: Sean Rose (Face to Faith), David Washburn (Moviemaker), Joseph DeMott (ASPEN Institute), Rev. Tim Ahrens, Rabbi Mike Unger, Dr. Tarunjit Butalia, Dr. Christina Butler, Lama Kathy Wesley, Rev. Stephen Smith, Dr. John Marschhausen, Dr. John Kashubeck, Rev. Deborah Lindsay, Karen Patterson, Dolly Crespo, Nicol Ghazi, Imran Malik
NICC Annual Fundraising Banquet - 2015
Pictures by Br. Nadeem Zaki
Friday, April 24th, 2015, 5:30pm
Embassy Suites Hotel
5100 Upper Metro Place, Dublin, OH 43017
We are grateful and humbled to have had a full house of over 375 people in attendance representing our community at the Noor Islamic Cultural Center. Insha Allah, by the grace of Allah (SWT), our masjid and supporters will continue to grow.
We are also thankful for the tremendous support from our event sponsors and advertisers, totaling 14 community businesses. Additionally, this year, our event was highlighted with many amazing speakers: our beloved Imam Hossam Musa delivered a profound reminder of our commitment to supporting our Masjid. Sheikh Omar Shahin reminded us the importance of giving for the sake of Allah (SWT), and the bountiful rewards awaiting us in the Hereafter.  Br. Omar Saqr gave insight on the work our youth are doing for the community and their vision for the future, and finally, Br. Naeem Muhammad and his crew from Native Deen gave an electrifying performance that provided great entertainment. We appreciate all of you, and we are extremely thankful for your remarkable work and talent!
This year’s banquet would not have been possible without the assistance from the AIW Board of Directors and Executive Committee leaders, NICC Staff, and volunteers. We wish to thank these marvelous individuals who worked tirelessly to make this a successful event.
Alhamdulillah, we raised over $200,000 in donations and pledges (our goal was $150,000); it was heart-warming to see the support, diversity, and unity of our community, and those who never falter in heeding the call, even in tough times.
We wish to thank you all once again. You made the 2015 Annual Banquet one of the most memorable and fruitful events for our masjid.

Iqama Timing

  Adhan Salat
Fajr 5:52 6:12
Dhuhr 12:46 1:15
Asr 3:55 4:15
Maghrib 6:24 6:29
Isha 7:39 7:45

Jumma (Friday) Prayers

Khutbah Salah
12:15 12:45
1:15 1:45
2:15 (Arabic) 2:45
3:00 (Youth) 3:30
No Youth khutbah during school breaks



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