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Full-Time Hifz Program For Boys

The goal of the NICC Full-time Hifz School is to build students of Quran who are able to read, recite, memorize, implement and love the Quran in a way that is most pleasing to Allah SWT. At the NICC Hifz School, there is a strong emphasis on quality of the recitation & memorization rather than the quantity of the recitation/memorization.

Here are some features of our Full-time Hifz program that set it apart from others:

  • NICC Hifz Program has graduated 35 students
  • Currently the NICC Hifz school is serving 16 students
  • With the help of assistant teachers, students recite minimally to each other, and mostly to the teachers.
  • High emphasis on the quality of memorization

Currently there is one full-time teacher and a part-time teacher. The teacher(s) hours will be 7:45am thru 2:30pm.  Parents can meet the teachers, if needed, after 2:30pm. There will be absolutely no parent-teaching meetings during the teaching hours except emergencies.

Students interested for enrolment in the training session must be 7-13 years old and shall be able to read any part of the Quran smoothly, and should have memorized at least the basic Suras.  Students selected for the regular session must be taken out from regular school and be enrolled for home schooling. It is the full responsibility of parents to enroll their children in home schooling. The Noor Hifz program will neither be responsible for enrollment nor for the student’s performance in home schooling.

Parents shall make sure that students are brought to the class at least 10min before 8:00am and complete the signup sheet before they leave the building. Students shall not be dropped or left outside the classrooms. Parents have to play a significant role for the success of their children in this program.  The whole family’s daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly activities have to be planned based on the schedule of the Hifz program students.  Remember that this program is for throughout the year except holidays for only a few weeks.  This program will be very family oriented where parents have to be actively involved.  A “Parents’ Association (PA)” has been formed and parents or designees will be scheduled for volunteering for certain number of hours on a weekly or monthly basis.

Probation Enrollment (Training Session)

During this session students will be trained for the final enrollment for the regular session.  Students interested for enrollment will be evaluated by teachers and 10-15 students will be selected for this session. The students will be trained by the teachers for about four to five hours a day from Monday thru Friday (starting time and finishing time will be announced later). During this session parents, students and the teacher (s) should be able to understand and decide whether a student and his family are ready to continue in the program if he is selected for the regular session. During the 1st and 2nd weeks of Aug. students will be evaluated for the regular session and 8-10 students will be selected.  The registration form for this training session must be submitted  before June 30, 2021.

Final Enrollment (Regular session)

The regular session is for five days a week (Monday through Thursday from 8:00am to 2:00pm and Friday 8:00am until the Jummah prayer) with breaks for lunch and other activities.  Students have to bring their own lunch and snack.  There will be holidays, the timing and duration of which will to be decided by the Hifz committee.

Onetime registration/assessment fee of $50 has to be paid for enrolment. The tuition fee is $400/student/month which is subject to change, if needed, with proper notification to the parents.  After a student is selected for the training session, two months’ tuition fees of $800 has to be paid before students can start attending classes (Checks payable to AIW with memo ‘Noor Hifz program tuition’).  If a student is selected for the regular session, an automatic withdrawal of $400/month shall be established.

The Onetime registration/assessment fee of $50 is non-refundable.