Why Join NICC?

Our new membership program aims to reach a broader segment of our community, diversify our member base, and increase the number of informed and involved stakeholders in our community. This will allow NICC to better understand our community and to offer programs and services that are better tailored to the community’s needs.



Becoming a member of NICC gives you voting rights and allows you to become a vested member of the community. Your vote will ensure that you have a voice in deciding NICC’s Board of Directors, Capital investments and other major decisions.

Conditions/Terms of Membership

MEMBERSHIP IS NO LONGER BASED ON DONATIONS. Membership requires that individuals fill out a membership form annually, pay the membership fee in full at the time of signup/renewal, and meet the following conditions/terms:

  • Be a practicing Muslim;
  • Be eighteen (18) years of age or older;
  • Live within sixty (60) miles of the NICC
  • Voting in the 2022 elections requires that individuals must have been a member for the second-half of 2021 and the entirety of 2022.  Full-year 2022 membership dues must be paid by September 9, 2022.
  • Annual memberships are $120 per year.

Membership is on a calendar-year basis.   NICC will offer specific membership enrollment periods during the year.  Membership will not be offered on a rolling basis.

If you have have any questions, please reach us at membership@noorohio.org.