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Part-Time Hifz Program For Girls

The goal of the NICC Part-time Hifz School is to build students of Quran who are able to read, recite, memorize, implement and love the Quran in a way that is most pleasing to Allah SWT. At the NICC Hifz School, there is a strong emphasis on quality of the recitation & memorization rather than the quantity of the recitation/memorization.

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Here are some features of our Part-time Hifz program that set it apart from others:

  • NICC Hifz Program has graduated 7 students
  • Currently, the NICC Part-time Hifz school is serving 10 students
  • Maintain a student teacher ration of 10:1 in most sessions
  • Teachers – Full Memorization of the Quran with multiple years of experience
  • Limited capacity

The program is four days a week – Monday through Thursday, 4:30 to 6:30 p.m, year-round. Summer times may vary. Breaks from the class are only for the two Eids, Thanksgiving, winter break, and spring break

Girls, Age 7 and up( in some cases, a six year-old child may be admitted if there is space, the child is ready, and will soon turn 7)
  • Level 1: Recognition of all Arabic letters in all shapes and positions
  • Level 1-High: Reads with difficulty
  • Level 2: Reads without difficulty but does not always apply tajweed rules
  • Level 2-High: Reads with speed and fluency, lacks some application of tajweed rules
  • Level 3 (Hifz Level): Reads with speed, fluency, accuracy, and applies all taught tajweed rules. She will be expected to memorize a half page of Quran or one page each day.
Placement into the program is dependent upon an assessment taken by three teachers as well as available space in the program. If there is no opening in the program for students who qualify, they will be placed on a waiting list. Students in the program must conduct themselves in a dignified way at all times and adhere to all the rules of the program.

Parents shall make sure that students are brought to the class at least 10min before the class starts and arrive 10 min before the class ends to pick up the students.  Students shall not be dropped or left outside the classrooms. Parents have to play a significant role for the success of their children in this program.  The whole family’s daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly activities have to be planned based on the schedule of the Hifz program students.  Remember that this program is throughout the year except the holidays for only a few weeks as described in the Full-time Hifz Program calendar.  This program will be very family oriented where parents have to be actively involved in running the program.

The tuition is $200/student/month.  One-time registration/assessment fee of $50/student/year has to be paid during registration. Three months’ tuition along with the registration fee will be collected which shall be deposited during the registration (Checks payable to AIW with a memo ‘Noor Hifz Program tuition).  An automatic monthly payment to the Noor Hifz Program for the months after the first three months has to be established using a form provided during the registration.

The Onetime registration/assessment fee of $50 is non-refundable.


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Call (614) 527-7777
Drop by at 5001 Wilcox Rd Dublin, OH 43016